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ivi.ru – it highload-service licensed video in Russia and the CIS. We are represented on all popular platforms: Android, iOS, web, SmartTV.

Technological heart ivi.ru – multicomponent the backend, numbering tens mikroservisov, including recommender systems, billing, the CDN, and subsystem targeting “untwisting” of advertising, the API for client applications, the subsystem for encoding video subsystem analysts and many other technologically advanced pieces.

We use the following technologies and software stack: python, django, flask, golang, postgresql, mongodb, redis, memcached, sphinx / sphinx-search, git, docker.

From the candidate:
quality experience writing code on a python;
Fluency in linux (bash, sed, grep and other utilities);
knowledge of classical algorithms and data structures;
the ability to competently express their thoughts in writing and orally.
From ivi.ru:
we have free schedule, we start not later than 11 pm;
Colds employees can work a day or two out of the house;
we backlog-oriented scrum without fanaticism;
democratic atmosphere, lack of bureaucracy;
ivi.ru football team takes new players.

About Online Movies ivi

ivi.ru is the first and the most popular Russian free video service to offer legal, license-length content. The project was launched on February 26, 2010. In just the first day of the project ivi.ru website was visited by more than 180,000 people without advertising, making it the most successful launch in the history of the Russian Internet.The monthly audience of the project is more than 25 million people (web + connected devices).ivi.ru is the first company in Eastern Europe to have signed license agreement with all six major Hollywood Studios.ivi - is a cinema in your pocket!Special applications for mobile devices make it possible to watch your favorite movies anywhere in Russia. We have tried to no one is forgotten and developed an application for iPhone users, iPad, devices on Android, Symbian and bada! Symbian and bada!
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