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By this time, already owning a 1993 restaurant "Portofino" Italian cuisine, we have a desire to create a project with affordable prices and the atmosphere, with the level of service and cooking at the same level, which are used to seeing our guests in the "Portofino" restaurant.The success of this project spodvignul us to create a chain of restaurants "Academy", which is constantly growing and today includes more than ten cafes and restaurants.Despite the existence of a successful chain of cafes "Academy", we would like to try myself in a new project of a completely different format.Soon the opportunity sotrudnichistva with a famous Italian chef Nino Graziano, who already had a restaurant in Sicily «Mulinazzo», awarded two stars by the guide «Michelin». Nino Graziano liked our idea and in 2003 was born the project «Semifreddo-Mulinazzo». This restaurant for many years was one of the best Italian restaurants in Moscow, and in 2010 received recognition at the global level, where the top 100 best restaurants in "San Pellegrino" included «Semifreddo-Mulinazzo» in your list.Semifreddo Group is constantly working on new concepts. Our desire to grow motivates us to translate new ideas into reality. We try to surprise our guests the opening of new institutions that may be of interest to everyone. In Semifreddo Group, already includes a variety of projects from the store ready meals, home bar with a cozy atmosphere to the gastronomic Italian restaurant.We hope you uvidet in our cafes, bars and restaurants.We invite you to visit our web page to get familiar with the latest news and interesting offers.With love to you,Semifreddo Group
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