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" Mosgortrans " - mainly in the capital and the largest European operator of the system ground public transport.Services of urban land public transport of the capital on a daily basis during working days are over 5.8 million people .Every day on the streets of Moscow out of more than 5,000 buses, trolley buses in 1100 and 700 trams .Today " Mosgortrans " serves 800 routes , of which 668 bus , 88 trolleybus and 44 tram . The total length of the route network of 8776 km.The enterprise includes 45 branches, including 5 tram depot, 7 trolleybus parks, 18 parks and bus Filevsky bus and trolleybus depot, as well as services that provide ground-work of urban passenger transport.SUE "Mosgortrans" - is 40000th team of professionals, whose work is aimed at creating a comfortable and safe environment for the passage of passengers. 47% of the team consists of drivers, including linear - 38%, about 21% - leaders, managers, and the rest 33% - skilled workers of different specialties.
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